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AgriFinance Advisors, Inc. is a financial planning, commodities, and real estate company that also develops software that enables farmers to make more-informed decisions.

The Company's marketing strategy is focused on licensing the AgWizard platform to those professionals who farmers identify as their "trusted advisors". This commonly includes: ag lenders, accountants, and insurance agents; local business people who have spent years building relationships and earning the trust and loyalty of their clients.

Benefits of licensing the AgWizard.com Platform:

Ag Lenders
  1. Position your employees as "Trusted Advisors" whom farmers go to for help in analyzing their business.
  2. Facilitate lending decisions with cash flow data that updates daily vs. annually.
  3. Enhance loyalty by having Your Company Logo visible each time a farmer logs in.
  4. Competitors are offering online platforms to their customers.
  5. Gain confidence in clients knowing they have a marketing plan and know their cost of production.
Commodity Brokers
  1. Brokers using the Advisor Dashboard can manage all of their accounts from a single-page, with the ability to view/edit all futures & options positions and see recorded cash sales.
  2. Empowered with an accurate break even and profit objective, executing a marketing plan is now more clearly defined.
  3. Seamlessly import brokerage statements to update all customer positions on a daily basis.
Crop Insurance Agencies
  1. Offer a unique, value-added technology service to customers/prospects.
  2. Ability to offer your clients a grain marketing tool that compliments crop insurance.

The Company differentiates itself by its high-tech, high-touch approach utilizing leading-edge technology, coupled with the personal support of highly trained financial advisors who deliver independent and unbiased advice.

The Company's flagship software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, AgWizard, is a farm business planning platform that enables farmers to manage their finances with greater predictability and accuracy, by incorporating all the variables that affect a farm's profitability - from input costs and capital expenses, to grain marketing strategies and crop insurance plans.

Benefits to Farmers/Farm Managers

1. Get Organized – Determine profitability on a field-by-field basis. See which farms are making money and which farms are costing you.

2. Create a Marketing Plan – Quickly determine break-even's and build a plan to achieve your objectives.

3. Stay Connected – Share key reports with business partners, advisors and lenders.

4. Make More Informed Decisions – Receive a "Daily Snapshot" of changes to your farm's profitability and cash flow as market prices are updated automatically.

5. Gets Answers to key "What-If" Scenarios

  • a. What-If cash rent goes up significantly?
  • b. What-If grain prices change significantly?
  • c. What-If seed/fertilizer costs change?
  • d. What-If I make major equipment/land purchases?
  • e. What-If I change my crop insurance plan from enterprise to optional units?