Farm Financial Management

Manage Your Finances With AgWizard From AgriFinance Advisors

Better Information Yields Stronger Decisions

AgWizard gives you the tools you need to create a robust marketing plan and gathers your farm’s data in an easy-to-use platform with reporting that lets you make decisions in real time. We’re not just a financial software; AgWizard also gives you access to your own advisor to guide you through what-if scenarios in your business, and high-powered tools to develop your marketing plan or outsource your monthly bookkeeping to a professional.

Easy-To-Use Tools To Help You Farm For The Future

This is not your grandfather’s farm operation; at AgWizard, we know that doing what he always did isn’t going to cut it in today’s ag world. Stakes are higher, margins are smaller, and we know it can be overwhelming to create a marketing plan and understand your full financial standing. Choose the level that works best for your unique needs and see why partnering with AgWizard on your business is the best thing you’ll do all year.

Silver Level

View profitability of your entire crop enterprise with AgWizard’s silver level. Get access to the AgWizard platform, calculate break-evens by crop, create a grain marketing plan, prepare cash flows to your lender, and more!

Gold Level

Get field-by-field analysis and advising with AgWizard’s gold level. Not only will you have access to silver level services, but you also be able to view farm profitability field-by-field, financial reporting, prepare balance sheets, and be connected to a dedicated advisor.

Platinum Level

Receive comprehensive, professional bookkeeping of your farm assets with AgWizard’s platinum level. You’ll get all the benefits of the silver and gold level, along with the ability to outsource your monthly bookkeeping and compare actual vs. budget.

Advanced Farm Financial Reporting With Real-Time Data

Find Your Breakeven & Create a Marketing Plan

Using the most up-to-date market data, our tools let you confidently establish your breakeven point for each of your farms. AgWizard’s real-time data can put together a comprehensive marketing plan with actionable strategies to put you back in control and help you farm for the future.

Analyze Your Cash Flow & Get Alerts on When To Sell

AgWizard takes your real-time data and establishes your actual cash flow so you can get a clearer picture of your profit potential. AgWizard's ProfitWatch Alerts are designed to take the emotion out of selling grain at profitable levels. Establish your Profit Objective and receive daily alerts when the market reaches your target price.

Build Your Own Balance Sheet & Get Access To a Dedicated Advisor

Enter all your financial assets and liabilities in one place, making adjustments at any time before sending it to your lender. Not only do you get access to our software platform, you also get access to your own advisor to run through what-if scenarios so you can make better decisions.

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Accounting—Building a Stronger Financial Future for You

Accounting services at AgriFinance are created with farmers in mind. We know how much hard work goes into the upkeep and maintenance of your farm, the last thing you need is to worry about your finances. As farmers ourselves, we want to take care of that for you. Our expert financial advisors are highly knowledgeable in current accounting practices and will help you in finding the best solutions for your farm.

More Than Just Software – Your Own Team of Experts

Behind the software, there are professionals doing your bookkeeping. Your team of dedicated bookkeepers is on hand to remove the burden of bookkeeping from your life. Over time, your team will come to know your bookkeeping needs inside and out, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your farm business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Monthly Accounting

  • The ability to know, at any given time, your financial position. This allows you to adjust where needed.
  • Access to detailed information that your lender can understand – resulting in quicker loan approvals.
  • By keeping up with your income and expenses on a regular basis, there is no “end of the year dread” or worrying about getting everything ready for the tax preparer.
  • It will free you up to handle the day-to-day operations of the farm.
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