Farm Real Estate Financing

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At AgriFinance Advisors, we have an entire network of financing providers who we work with on a daily basis. Depending on your financial situation, we can find you options often including agricultural mortgages, farm loans, or lines of credit. Our advisors support every person we work with, whether they’re seeking to acquire or refinance farm properties or improve overall infrastructure.

Real estate farm financing involves considerations like land value, crop yields, livestock production, and the overall profitability of the farm. AgriFinance Advisors supports our clients by communicating directly with lenders in evaluating the borrower's creditworthiness, business plan, and collateral to determine the terms and conditions of the loan. From there, the interest rates, repayment schedules, and loan amounts can vary based on factors like farm size, location, and the specific financing institution.

How AgriFinance Helps You Find Real Estate Financing

  • Step 1: Fill Out a Real Estate Financing Form To Inquire With an Advisor

  • Step 2: Work 1-on-1 With AgriFinance To Get the Materials You Need

  • Step 3: Let AgriFinance Find You the Financing Options For Your Situation

  • Step 4: Choose the Best Financing For You!

Long-Term, Fixed-Interest Rates

Variable rate loans have provided great opportunities to borrow at low interest rates, allowing borrowers to use savings to pay down principal even faster. However, with interest rates increasing, it’s a good time to lock in your current rate before it’s too late. We have several loan choices to choose from, including those with monthly, semi-annual, and annual payment options.

Our Fixed Interest Rate loans include:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Cash out available for improvements
  • Up to 70% loan-to-value
  • Amortizations out to 30 years
  • Minimum loan amount $400k

Short-Term, Alternative Financing

If you have an immediate need to improve, expand, or transition your farm land, a bridge loan may be your best funding option. These loans are for those who intend to refinance into a lower interest loan in one to three years. Payments may be interest only and with a three-year loan term.

The Importance of Financing Your Farm Real Estate Property

We work with anyone, no matter what their financial situation may be!

Getting the best real estate financing you need for your farm property is our goal. AgriFinance Advisors has decades of experience working within the agricultural industry, so we acknowledge just how volatile this environment can be and the importance of finding financing options that are the right fit for you.

Increased Access to Farmland

Purchasing farmland can be a significant investment, and financing options like agricultural mortgages make it possible for you to secure the necessary capital to buy the land you require. Having more access to farmland is crucial for the growth and sustainability of agricultural businesses.

Improved Collateral for Additional Financing

Farm real estate can serve as collateral for additional financing needs. AgriFinance can help farmers leverage the equity in their land to secure loans or lines of credit for working capital, equipment purchases, or other operational expenses.

Wealth Building & Legacy Planning

AgriFinance understands the importance of long-term wealth building for farmers and their families. As the value of the land appreciates over time, farmers can build equity to use for future investments, retirement planning, or passing down the farm to the next generation, ensuring the continuation of the agricultural legacy.

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Struggling to find real estate financing? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a short-term bridge loan to raise capital quickly so you can take advantage of an opportunity, or you want to reduce your margin risk by locking in an interest rate for up to 30 years, AgriFinance Advisors can find a financial solution for almost any situation.