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Farm Real Estate Financing

Financing Options to Fit Your Unique Needs

At AgriFinance, we’re committed to finding the right financing plans for you and your business. If you’re thinking of purchasing, refinancing, selling, or investing in farmland, we’re ready to help.

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Finding The Best Financing Options For You

Trying to decide which loan is best for your business and your future can be overwhelming. One of the best reasons to work with AgriFinance Advisors is the fact that our professionals will work with you to find the financing that makes the most sense right now and with your future in mind.

Long-Term, Fixed-Interest Rates

Variable-loan rates have provided great opportunities to borrow at low interest rates, allowing the borrower to use savings to pay down principal even faster. However, with interest rates increasing, it’s a good time to lock in your current rate before it’s too late. We have several loan choices from which to choose, including those with monthly, semi-annual, and annual payment options.

With Fixed Interest Rate loans you can see:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Cash out available for improvements
  • Up to 70% loan-to-value
  • Amortizations out to 30 years
  • Minimum loan amount $400k

Alternative Financing: Bridge Loans

If you have an immediate need to improve, expand, or transition your farm land, a bridge loan may be your best funding option. These loans are for those with the intent of refinancing into a lower interest loan in 1-3 years. Payments may be interest-only and with a 3-year loan term.

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Located in West Des Moines, Iowa, AgriFinance Advisors, Inc has been assisting farmers with the “business side” of farming since 1997. Our team consists of financial advisors, real estate brokers, and commodity brokers. Most importantly, we understand the field of agribusiness and are here to help you stabilize, set goals, and grow your business.

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